Product Management training

Learn how to build products that customers love and how to spark innovation for new and existing products

Our training programs in Product Management and Innovation support product teams in learning mindsets and tools to ideate, build, and launch new products that customers love. Whether you are starting your career in Product Management, or are looking to deepen your expertise and master Product Innovation, our training programs leave you empowered with the skills and experience you need. Our custom workshops are in-house opportunities to apply what you learn to your work projects.


Certified Scrum Product Owner CSPO

Earn a CSPO and become a Certified Scrum Product Owner with the Scrum Alliance. This training program teaches the Scrum framework and how to be an effective Product Owner within a Scrum team.

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Certified Product Innovation Professional CPIP

Earn a CPIP certification and learn how to spark innovation with a Certified Product Innovation Professional training. This is a 6-week master in product management and innovation, certified by Spark Engine.

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Spark product management and innovation


Certified Design Thinking for Innovation CDTI

Earn a CDTI certification in Design Thinking. Design Thinking offers an iterative cycle of ideation and validation, whose goal is to design solutions that meet the customer’s needs. Our training programs in Design Thinking are highly experiential and interactive, leaving you empowered in your ability to apply Design Thinking to any project.

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Learn Design Thinking and earn a CDTI certification from Spark Engine


Course length: 1 day to 2 days
Location: Delivered on premise at your office, or virtually with collaboration tools
Class size: 4-16 participants


  • Create alignment around a shared vision for the product to be built
  • Provide visibility into expected features and capabilities of the product
  • Identify an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a roadmap for future releases
  • Define a plan to execute the work and build the product
  • Create a medium to align on prioritization and trade-off decisions with stakeholders



Product Journey Map and MVP: Build your product with minimum effort

This is a custom workshop developed specifically to support your needs in product planning and alignment within the product team. Over the course of 1 to 2 days, your team creates alignment around objectives, identifies the key features to support a customer journey, and defines priorities to build an MVP of your product. During this workshop participants learn how to identify an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and create a roadmap using prioritization techniques and Product Journey Maps. This is a hands-on workshop with minimum lectures. Participants learn by doing while working on your real product.

The Product Journey Map helps in creating transparency and alignment among everyone involved in the product effort. Because the plan is visible to everyone, conversations about priorities and trade-off become conversations about what can be included in the plan and should be removed. This takes the emotions away and creates alignment with everyone.

The outcomes of this workshop can be applied to any type of product or service, and are useful for startups and established companies.

Workshop taught at several companies and organizations, including Capital One, G4S, Neocova, and Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

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Learn more about Product Journey Maps and download our How-to Guide to Product Journey Maps to learn more

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