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Scaled Agile training

Learn the foundations of the SAFe framework and support Scaled Agile teams

Earn a SAFe certification from Scaled Agile and learn how to lead a SAFe implementation. 

SAFe training for organizations

Get your team trained and ready to implement the SAFe framework. We offer SAFe certifications for Leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Managers/Product Owners, development teams, RTEs and SPCs.

Classes for teams small and large. Classes can be delivered virtually via Zoom or in-person at your location.

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SAFe team in action 5D Vision

SAFe is today the most popular scaled Agile framework, used by organizations worldwide. SAFe is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of practices that help multiple teams organize work and deliver products in short cycles, enable fast feedback, and create a culture of rapid adaptation to change. Starting from the foundations of Agile, Lean, and Scrum, this class teaches the foundations of SAFe, explains the SAFe roles and events, and provides a solid understanding of how to run a PI Planning event.

What our students are saying

Enjoyed learning about SAFe as it is in practice in my organization

Overall enjoyed the class and the interactions between members. This brought home the practice of SAFe

Valerio highlighted the pertinent information that would potentially appear on the exam

Through the use of collaboration tools, the virtual format was more effective because with geographically dispersed teams, this is how we need to interact at work.

SAFe to Scale

The practical guide to Scaled Agile for Product Managers and Product Owners

SAFe (the Scaled Agile Framework(R)) is the most widely adopted framework for scaling Agile. I believe that for SAFe (or any agile implementation) to be successful the critical path includes empowering the product people to make the right decisions on the product they are building.

This book introduces the foundations of SAFe and discusses specific approaches for Product Managers and Product Owners.

Learn more and buy the book.

SAFe to Scale book

SAFe Foundations for Scrum Masters and Product Owners

In this online, self-paced course, you will learn the core elements of SAFe including team roles, PI Planning, Agile Release Train, and PI Objectives.

Take this course at your own pace. This is ideal for anyone interested in getting a foundation on SAFe.