Leading SAFe (SA) training

Learn the foundations of the SAFe framework and support scale Agile teams


Earn a SAFe Agilist SA certification from Scaled Agile and learn how to lead a SAFe implementation. This class introduces key aspects of the SAFe framework, including foundations of Lean and Agile, and the key construct of SAFe, PI Planning.

SAFe training for organizations

Get your team trained and ready to implement the SAFe framework. We offer SAFe certifications for Leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Managers/Product Owners, development teams, RTEs and SPCs.

Classes for teams small and large

Class can be delivered virtually via Zoom or in-person at your location

Become a SAFe Agilist (SA)

The goal of the class is to develop a skillset that’s in demand worldwide - and empower your enterprise to succeed in a disruptive marketplace. You will gain an understanding of key SAFe practices, roles, and principles. You'll also get practical advice on supporting Agile teams and programs, conducting PI Planning, empowering a Lean Portfolio, building a continuous delivery pipeline and DevOps culture, and coordinating large solutions.

Learning objectives

  • Why Agile?
  • Agile frameworks and Agile values
  • Lean principles
  • Scrum events: Iteration Planning, Iteration Review, Retrospective, Daily Scrum
  • Scrum roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team
  • SAFe big picture
  • SAFe roles and events
  • PI planning
  • DevOps and CI/CD
  • Solution SAFe
  • Portfolio management
  • Exam preparation

SAFe is today the most popular scaled Agile framework, used by organizations worldwide. SAFe is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of practices that help multiple teams organize work and deliver products in short cycles, enable fast feedback, and create a culture of rapid adaptation to change. Starting from the foundations of Agile, Lean, and Scrum, this class teaches the foundations of SAFe, explains the SAFe roles and events, and provides a solid understanding of how to run a PI Planning event.

Participants in the class gain insights into mastering Business Agility in order to thrive in the competitive market. They discuss how to establish team and technical agility and organize and re-organize around the flow of value. They also learn and practice the skills for supporting and executing PI Planning events and coordinating multiple Agile Release Trains (ARTs). Participants in the class explore the importance of adopting a customer-centric mindset and design thinking approach to agile product delivery. Learners also develop an understanding for implementing a Lean Portfolio Management function in their enterprise.

We use modern adult instructional methods to facilitate learning, create a fun and productive environment, and maturate a deeper understanding of the concepts. While SAFe provides a standard set of slides to guide the class, we minimize its use and instead opt to run exercises, simulations, and group discussions to facilitate learning. The whole class is designed to be interactive. We use Innovation Games to facilitate some of the exercises and learn innovation techniques that you can bring back to your teams.

Attending the class prepares individuals to take the exam and become a certified SAFe Agilist (SA).

What our students are saying

"Enjoyed learning about SAFe as it is in practice in my organization"

"Overall enjoyed the class and the interactions between members. This brought home the practice of SAFe"

"Valerio highlighted the pertinent information that would potentially appear on the exam"

"Through the use of collaboration tools, the virtual format was more effective because with geographically dispersed teams, this is how we need to interact at work."

SAFe team in action 5D Vision

What's included in the registration

Becoming a Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist requires an exceptional range of skills and is a career path for many servant leaders. The class registration includes:

  • Course workbook with exercises and worksheets (Digital)
  • Eligibility to take the SAFe SA exam to become a Certified SAFe Agilist upon completion of the requisites
  • One-year membership to Scaled Agile
  • 1 coaching sessions on implementing SAFe and Agile in your workplace for 6 months after class

The certification includes:

Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist PDF certificate - Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist digital badge to promote your accomplishment online - One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, which includes access to the SA Community of Practice and a variety of learning resources to support you during your SAFe journey

What you will learn

A Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist (SA) is a Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) enterprise leadership professional who is part of a Lean-Agile transformation. This class is targeted to executives, managers, project managers, product managers, and other professional roles who are involved in a SAFe implementation or want to learn how to support a SAFe implementation.

Key areas of competency

  • Apply SAFe to scale Lean and Agile development in the enterprise
  • Apply Lean-Agile Mindset and principles
  • Plan and successfully execute Program Increments (PI Planning event)
  • Execute and release value through Agile Release Trains
  • Build an Agile portfolio with Lean-Agile budgeting
  • Team and technical Agility
  • Program execution and planning

SAFe Foundations

In this online, self-paced course, you will learn the core elements of SAFe including team roles, PI Planning, Agile Release Train, and PI Objectives.

Take this course at your own pace. This is ideal for anyone interested in getting a foundation on SAFe.