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Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training

Learn how to implement Agile and Scrum. Use Scrum practices to drive new projects. Become a great Scrum Master.

Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance

With our Certified Scrum Master training program you can earn a CSM certification from Scrum Alliance, learn the Scrum framework, and become a Scrum Master. This training course teaches the foundations of Agile, the key practices of the Scrum framework, and focuses on the Scrum Master role. As a member of the Scrum Team, the Scrum Master is the expert in Agile and Scrum practices, and helps the team execute new projects by properly adopting the Scrum framework.

This is a certified training for the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification from Scrum Alliance. This training is for anyone interested in learning Scrum, the Agile principles, and how to apply Scrum effectively within a team to drive the execution of new projects.

We are a Registered Education Provider of Scrum Alliance.

Is this you?

You are implementing Scrum or are thinking about how to move from traditional project management to Scrum.

You have tried to run some Sprints, do stand-ups, and use Velocity to plan capacity for your Sprints, but something is not working and you know there must be a better way of doing things.

You are seeking ways to become a master of Scrum, help your team improve, and grow in your career.

You want to find ways to stop your team from overcommitting, rolling work items over to the next Sprint, and struggling to complete testing.

You want to learn how to adopt the right practices to help your Scrum team improve its productivity and the quality of its work.

You are looking to grow your career, become a Scrum Master, and find a new job.

You get all of this plus

You learn the ins and outs of Scrum plus practical tips to make it work for your team.

You get support to prepare for the CSM exam and get your certification right after class. No need to wait or study lengthy manuals. You get all you need in class, and can take the exam right way.

You can start improving your Scrum from day 1.

You get 1-on-1 coaching to support you in your adption of Scrum, check your practices, and improve how you deliver results. All in the first month after class.

You get access to my Truly Scrum community with additional resources, mini-courses, and a community of Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches that can support you in your journey.

You get access to a CSM mock exam to help you prepare before you take the actual exam.

You can practice Scrum Master interview questions and get support to find a new job.

Ready to get your CSM certification?

See the list of currently scheduled classes, or contact us for information on a custom class.

Become a CSM

The goal of this training class is to empower you with the key mindset and tools to lead the adoption of Agile principles and the implementation of the Scrum framework in your organization. Our trainers have worked in a variety of Agile and product management roles across industries that span Financial Services, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Web Development, Consulting, and Telecommunications. They share real life stories about product successes and failures, provide a practical perspective on the job that goes beyond theory, and offer insights on how to overcome typical obstacles in creating great products.

Learning objectives

  • Why Agile?
  • Agile frameworks and Scrum values
  • Scrum workflow
  • Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospective, Daily Scrum
  • Scrum roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team
  • Coaching and facilitation
  • Refinement activities
  • Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog
  • Exam preparation

Taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), this class takes participants through a series of interactive workshops where they learn the responsibilities of a Scrum Master, and apply first-hand the principles of Scrum. The class prepares participants to take the CSM exam. Received upon completion of the exam, the CSM certification attests the ability to act as the Scrum Master in an organization , and successfully implement the Scrum framework.

Ready to get your CSM certification?

See the list of currently scheduled classes, or contact us for information on a custom class.

Practice the CSM exam

We have built a practice exam to test your knowledge of Scrum and get your ready for the CSM exam from Scrum Alliance. Practice the CSM exam

Become a master of Scrum

At Truly Scrum, we offer two programs to help Scrum Masters grow their expertise and prepare for a new job:

Practice Scrum interviews and prepare for a job as Scrum Master.

Become a Scrum Master experiential program: practice acting as Scrum Master in a 5-week real-life project.