CPIA – User Story writing & splitting

October 19, 2020 - October 20, 2020
Location: EDT (Washington DC, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia), USA
Trainer: Valerio Zanini, CPIT, CST - Anil Jaising, CST

Spark product innovation. Become a master in User Story writing and splitting.

This Certified Product Innovation Associate (CPIA) class is an interactive learning experience full of practical, real-world techniques and hands-on exercises to master User Story writing and splitting.

Spark Engine is the most innovative product management training and certification program to help you and your organization spark innovation. We have worked with hundreds of people from startups to Fortune 100 companies like Capital One, Walgreens, McKesson, and Dassault Systemes. We share real-life stories that enrich the class experience and provide actionable guidance on how to implement product innovation in your workplace.


Format: Virtual training, live instructor, group exercises, no slides.

Course length: 1 training day

Certification: This class includes the Certified Product Innovation Associate certification in User Story Writing & Splitting, administered by Spark Engine. Upon successful completion of the course, the students are eligible to receive the certification (there is no exam).

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What you will learn

In this highly participatory and hands-on class, students learn how to write effective User Stories including:
  • Explain how to create and tell user stories
  • Apply effective user stories to product management and development
  • Demonstrate how to effectively conduct product backlog refinement
  • Apply relative estimation techniques to estimate risk, complexity and effort for each user story
  • Apply 12 different splitting techniques that will enable each User Story to meet the INVEST model

We believe that real learning comes in three ways: a great training program, shared experiences with other participants, and hands-on practice. This is why we deliver this class in an interactive environment facilitated by live instructors, so that you can take full advantage of a rich and deep learning experience.

Our trainers have worked in a variety of product management roles across industries that span Financial Services, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Web Development, Healthcare, Consulting, and Telecommunications. They share real life stories about product successes and failures, provide a practical perspective on the job that goes beyond theory, and offer insights on how to overcome typical obstacles in creating great products.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is in a product development role and desires to take their experience to the next level, including:
  • Product Owners/Product Managers
  • Aspiring Product Owners/Product Managers
  • Product Leaders
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers/PMO
  • Entrepreneurs who are building new products/services

About the training experience

This is a virtual training class with a live instructor, delivered using video conference and digital collaboration tools. We have converted the in-person group exercises to online group exercises using a variety of tools. These exercises ensure you achieve the same learning objectives, while engaging and having fun with other participants.

The whole class is based on interactive exercises, simulations, and group discussions. The instructor explains key concepts and brings in real-life stories, and participants learn from applying the concepts and from sharing with each other. The instructor may share photos, diagrams, or single slides to bring home a point or share an experience. Besides this, there are no slides as the whole class is driven by exercises and group activities to accelerate the learning.

Watch our video on virtual classes, and learn about what other students are saying.

We incorporate innovation games and liberating structures into the exercises. You will experience these useful frameworks that you can use spark innovation and collaboration with your team members. Because we facilitate the class using real everyday tools, you also get to learn how to use these to spark collaboration within your own team and organization.


CPIA – User Story writing & splitting

October 19, 2020 - October 20, 2020
Location: EDT (Washington DC, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia), USA

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