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Go to Market strategy canvas

To deploy a product means to launch it in the marketplace and make it available to its users. This phase is also called “commercialization”, “launch”, or “go to market”. The purpose of deployment is to make your new product available in the marketplace. The new product could be an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), an incremental update, or a full-fledged new release. In any case, bringing it to market so that your end users can interact with it and possibly provide feedback, is a necessary step to validate the success of your idea.

The Go to Market strategy (GtM) is an essential component of a successful launch of a product. The template described below helps you think about all the elements of your GtM strategy so that you can properly prepare well in advance of your product’s launch.

In this section we’ll discuss two different frameworks:

The Learn, Acquire, Use, Support (LAUS) framework helps you define a Go to Market strategy from the point of view of your customers.

The 5 Ws framework helps you define the individual components that you need for an effective launch.

Go to market strategy 5 Ws

The article Your Go-to-Market strategy simplified describes in details how to use these frameworks.

Like other frameworks available for download on this website, you can find more information in the book Deliver Great Products that Customers Love.

Download the PDF version of these frameworks and use them to brainstorm a Go to Market strategy with your team.


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