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Epic development form

Epics are large chunks of work that deliver an important piece of functionality and value to end users. You can think of them as large User Stories – so large that they span multiple development cycles (e.g. Sprints). This Epic Development Form helps you define the details about your Epics.

Epics are usually the first step in creating a product backlog. This template allows you to capture the important elements of each Epic including the benefits it will deliver, the users you are building it for, and what kind of problem you are trying to solve for your users. At this stage, the level of details is not granular enough for a User Story. Instead, you can use this template to collect the information about your Epics, build your Epic backlog, and prioritize it using your favorite prioritization method.

Epic Development Form
Epic Development Form

This template can be printed and posted on a whiteboard, or it can be used as a digital image on a Miro board (or similar) for digital collaboration. No matter how you use it, the key is the information that it helps you collect for each Epic. Use one form for each Epic you intend to research, plan or develop.


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