Quick guide to Kanban

We wanted to provide a quick guide to Kanban including a list of resources to learn about what Kanban is and how to get started with Kanban. What is Kanban? (David Peterson)https://kanbanblog.com/explained/ What is Kanban? (Atlassian)https://www.atlassian.com/agile/kanban How to Create a Kanban Board for Any Projecthttps://kanbanzone.com/2019/create-kanban-board-for-any-project/ How To Create An Efficient Kanban Board/Processhttps://purplegriffon.com/blog/create-kanban-board-process 32 Practical Kanban Board Exampleshttps://kanbanize.com/kanban-resources/kanban-software/kanban-board-examples Kanban Tools The