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Quick guide to Kanban

    We wanted to provide a quick guide to Kanban including a list of resources to learn about what Kanban is and how to get started with Kanban.

    What is Kanban? (David Peterson)

    What is Kanban? (Atlassian)

    How to Create a Kanban Board for Any Project

    How To Create An Efficient Kanban Board/Process

    32 Practical Kanban Board Examples

    Kanban Tools

    The first decision is to use a physical tool (i.e. your wall) or a digital one. If your team is co-located there are many benefits by having a physical Kanban that is readily available for everyone to see in the office.

    If your team is distributed, or you just prefer to have a digital tool, here is a suggestion for tools you may want to explore:


    Article / Case study

    Kanban in architecture