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We plant one tree for every copy sold

    Mangrove forest destroyed in Madagascar

    In many areas around the world, billions of trees have been clear-cut in the last few decades, leaving soils exposed, depleted and incapable of supporting land-based or marine life.  For example, in Madagascar, the vast mangrove coastal areas that once supported a thriving community of fishermen, have been eroded for lumber or for industrial farms. The lack of soil-control, water-filtering capabilities provided by the trees, has rendered the areas devoid of life. The same phenomenon is happening in many other areas of the world.

    Trees are not only a natural resource, but they help maintain a healthy soil, needed to support agriculture, farming, and life for humans and all other species. Trees also filter the air sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, helping in controlling global warming.

    Forest Planet – Mangroves replanted in Madagascar

    Based in Washington DC, ForestPlanet is a non-profit organization that supports large scale, low-cost reforestation efforts all over the world. ForestPlanet has established a network of tree planting partners that are rebuilding the natural tree environment in many of these areas. Efforts in replanting forests result in improved conditions for local inhabitants thanks to revitalized agriculture and life conditions, and also in stronger ability to sequester carbon from the air and regenerate the local soil conditions. This in turn helps everyone, everywhere.

    We are happy to work with ForestPlanet and their network of tree planting partners to implement our tree planting program. Please visit ForestPlanet to learn more about this amazing organization.

    We pledge to make a donation to ForestPlanet for every copy of our books sold. Every book sold supports replanting one tree. See the partnership announcement.

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