Moo: not the usual business card

Business cards have been around for ages. They serve one main purpose, letting other people remember you. The usual experience is you make a design (or ask someone to make it for you), find a professional printer, and wait a few days for your b-cards to arrive.

This is not what you get with Moo. Below I show my unboxing experience (which is cool!), but everything about this service is unusual. I say unusual because I mean it’s not usual. But, thinking about it, why should that be the case? Why a customer-focused service should be “unusual”? Why an awesome customer experience should be “unusual”?

It’s simply because I’m not used to. The experience of printing and receiving b-cards is quite boring. You send a file, get some sort of proof, OK the production, and then receive a box at home or at the office. The box is a standard cardboard box, with the b-cards packed inside and plastic wrapped. That’s it. No fringes needed.

Yet, Moo has found its way to delight customers. B-cards are b-cards, but the experience that Moo delivers makes their service memorable. I just want to use it again, and again. This is the result of customer-centric focus, and delivering an experience around your product that it’s not just the “product” itself but provides delight and makes the customers happy to use it. Every time I hand out a business card I feel a sense of pride because I know that that it’s not “just a b-card”. It’s actually a “Moo card”. And I feel like I’m sharing part of my delight with the people I give my cards to.

So, I said I’d share the unboxing. This by itself in an experience, and it’s full of attentive details that are there for pure delight.

The packaging box is a regular cardboard box. There is a sticker on top, but otherwise it’s quite “usual” and doesn’t give away any of the surprises that await inside.

The b-cars are neatly stacked in packets. Each packet has an extra card. When you turn it around it says something like “You are awesome”. It’s not needed, it’s a surprise touch, and makes the experience unusual and memorable. The inside of the box has one of these phrases, and that makes it different from a blank, regular cardboard box. Then, you get a free, business-card holder in black rigid cardboard. It’s a nice add-on, and it makes sense. It helps to store your b-cards, and to save those that you get from other people.

Moo has transformed the usual b-card purchasing experience in something unusual and memorable. These little touches add customer delight, and make me much more likely to buy from them again. Actually, I’m almost compelled to use my b-cards as quickly as possible to order a new set and see what new surprises await me this time!

Moo: not the usual business card
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