The idea behind Design Sprints is to put together a team’s creative ideas around a specific problem during a limited time-frame. They are a great way to bring together methodologies from Design Thinking and Agile and ideate solutions in just a few days, rather than weeks or months. Design Sprints run between 2 and 5 days, with the goal of ideating, designing, and prototyping a solution to a known problem.

When I started doing Design Sprints I felt a bit confused by the variety of possible activities, and I wasn’t sure which ones would fit my needs. So, I spent time selecting those I felt where a good fit, and created my own agenda. This may not work for all situations, but it can be a good starting point if you want to get your feet wet with Design Sprints.

I also found that having a team warm-up exercise at the beginning of each day warms up the brain’s creative juices and creates a stronger sense of team among the participants. I always include a team warm-up exercise.

You can download a customized agenda for a 4-day Design Sprint here.

The exercises and schedule for these activities are adapted from the book “Design Sprint” by Richard Banfield, C.Todd Lombardo, Trace Wax. O’Reilly, 2016. This book provides details on how to conduct the exercises and additional methods that may fit specific needs.

Design Sprint agenda for 4-day sprints

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