The Customer Journey Map is a powerful tool to understand and document the interaction of your customer with your product and service across various touch-points. There is no standard format to create a Customer Journey Map, as the format strongly depends on the specific context, channels, customer type(s) and other factors.

This template helps you to think about the information you need to start creating your Customer Journey Map.

The core experience of your customers with your product is called “During” or “Core”. This is the experience that customers have when they use and interact with your product. For example, when they use your app on their phone to map the location of a restaurant and get directions to reach it.

But customer needs start before they use your app, and often continue after they have finished using it. For example, in the same map example, a customer may have have the need to share the address of the restaurant with his friends, before leaving him home to go there. And after dinner, he may want to go back home and maybe leave a rating for the restaurant.

Understand the customer needs, not only during the “core” experience with your product, but also before and after the use, can lead to a more complete view of the customer’s needs and a better design of your product. A well-crafted Customer Journey Map is a great way to get started.

Download the Customer Journey Map template.

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(Thanks to Laura Gayle for the submission)