To build great products, those that deliver an awesome experience that customers love, we need to broaden our view to the product experience as a whole, and not just the tangible aspects of a product. The traditional Software Development Life Cycle view is not enough, as it only focuses on the physical implementation (software development). In today’s world, to build a successful product, building a “thing” is no longer enough. You need to have a broader look that includes the whole customer experience around your product. Marketing, training, support, maintenance, partnerships with resellers, retail locations, a sales team can all be parts of your awesome product experience.

We need a new approach, to plan for both tangible and intangible aspects of a product experience. We need a 5D vision of the product experience. The 5 Dimensions of product management (DISCOVER, DESIGN, DEVELOP, DEPLOY, DELIVERTM) help us in creating a product from ideation to launch with a step-by-step guide across each phase. The framework organizes techniques that product managers can employ to create awesome products.

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