If Agile fails, blame Product management

Agile planning

Solid Product management and discovery practices are at the foundation of any product development effort. I often find that when Agile fails, it’s not because “Agile”​ doesn’t work. It’s because the organization has not taken the rights steps to foster a product development mindset. Here I share a few tips on how to support Product and Agile transformations.

What’s in there for you in a transformation?

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Today’s market is increasingly more competitive as new products are launched daily and entire industries are thrown upside down by innovators. Think of Uber and Lyft, how they have revolutionized the taxi industry, which — caught by surprise — is struggling to redefine its identity and maintain market relevance. Or the recent purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon, the leader

Being Agile versus just doing Agile

Being Agile versus just doing Agile

In today’s age many organizations are moving towards implementing Agile as their development practice. This is great, and a great step in the right direction. But “doing Agile” is very different from “being Agile”. “Doing Agile” means adopting and implementing Agile methodologies, ensuring the development team (and partners) follow the Agile principles. By properly implementing Agile, teams can leverage increased