The four pillars of great product teams – interview with Toby Russell

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Toby: I am Toby Russell. I am the co-CEO of Shift. We run a company that essentially sells cars online and we are the first, truly omnichannel, e-commerce player, for used auto, which allows customers to buy a car right there on the website or have a car driven to their home to test drive and buy it right there

User Stories are not requirements

User Stories are not requirements

I always struggle with the word “requirements”. This is how specifications and functionalities are normally called when working on a project. Requirements create a blanket of necessity and limit the empowerment of product managers to be effective at solving problems. The word requirement, and its verb counterpart to require, in their essence define something that is “required”, “needed”, “expected”. The

The Scrum Master’s reading list

The Scrum Master’s reading list

Books This is a short list of great books on Agile, Scrum, and practices to become an effective Scrum Master. Scrum and Agile foundations “Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process“, by Kenneth Rubin “Your Scrum Playbook“, Fabian Schwarts, CST “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time“, by Jeff and JJ

The Product Manager’s reading list

Deliver Great Products That Customers Love - Cover 5D Vision

We have compiled a list of books and articles on Agile, Product, Design Thinking, and Innovation. These books and articles offer perspectives, frameworks, and real stories for the successful application of product management practices to the ideation and development of new products. If you are a Product Owner, a Product Manager, or a Product Leader, these books and articles are

Engineering practices

Building quality-in and keeping technical debt in check are two of the most important goals to support long-term sustainable product development. Adopting the right engineering practices allows teams to focus on innovation and value delivery, rather than wasting time on fixing problems or avoiding quality issues. BookingBug faced a near-death situation when it had accumulated too much technical debt due