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Quiz: Do you know Scrum?

Do you know Scrum? Let’s test your knowledge of Scrum with these 12 questions.


Sprint Your Way to Scrum quiz

Test your knowledge of Scrum

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1. How much work must the Developers do to a Product Backlog Item they have selected for a Sprint?

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2. The Product Backlog is ordered by:

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3. During the Sprint, the Developers may update the Sprint Backlog to remove or add work to it, while ensuring that the Sprint Goal remains unchanged. True or False?

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4. How does the Daily Scrum support the Scrum values?

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5. The Sprint Planning is taking longer than expected and the timebox is almost over. The Developers are asking for more time to review all the PBIs selected for the Sprint. What should the Scrum Master do?

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6. The CEO stops by and asks the Developers to add an urgent item to the current Sprint. What should the Developers do?

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7. Who is required at the Daily Scrum meeting? [select all that apply]

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8. What is the role of the Project Manager in a Scrum team?

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9. The Sprint Backlog, after it is formulated at Sprint Planning, cannot change during the Sprint. True or False?

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10. What is a main responsibility of the Product Owner?

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11. Who is responsible for managing the progress of work during a Sprint?

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12. When the Scrum Team is under pressure to deliver within a specific deadline, these are the things they can do:

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