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Cover of Deliver Great Products That Customers Love

Deliver Great Products That Customers Love

The guide to building great products that customers love. For innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs, this book explains the step-by-step process of product development through five Dimensions, several interviews with startup CEOs, and use cases. Illustrated with diagrams, photos and worksheets. The book every product manager should have.

Available now on Amazon!

The book is now available on Amazon in both paperback and premium editions

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Valerio Zanini has produced the best book I have seen to show how a Product Manager can be a true Product Owner in the sense of the Chief Engineers at Toyota. 95% of the revenue and profitability of an organization is in their hands. Reading, studying, and implementing this book can give you a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D. – Founder and Chairman, Scrum Inc. – Signatory of the Agile Manifesto and Co-Creator of Scrum and Scrum@Scale

Deliver Great Products That Customers Love

The Guide to Product Management for Innovators, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs


Building a great product that customers love requires a variety of skills, mindsets, and techniques. Starting from the three pillars of customer focus, culture of Agility, and team empowerment, this book explains how to go from theory to practice. Building a great product requires working across the Five Dimensions of product management: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Deliver. Each dimension is important to deliver great products that customers love, and none can be shortcut. By having a “5D” vision of their product, innovators make sure to understand customer needs, design the right solution, build a great product, and deliver an awesome customer experience.

Product managers and entrepreneurs face the continuous challenge of creating new solutions and deliver value to their customers.  Too often companies of all sizes jump into building something without proper validation of the ideas. Many more struggle with the dynamics of building a new product or service, gaining market traction, making their early customers happy, all while building for scalability and reliability with limited resources.

This book is designed for product managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs that need a guide to product management, that want to learn a variety of techniques to create products, and that seek continuous opportunities for learning and improving.

The author shares stories from the trenches – lessons learned developing products and coaching companies large and small.  The vivid case studies and examples provide practical insights into how different companies and leaders have implemented various techniques, and the challenges and difficult choices they faced. This is a book every product manager should have on their shelf.

Valerio Zanini

A look inside the book


Chapter 1: How great products are built

Chapter 2: Great products come from great product managers

Chapter 3: Customer focus

Chapter 4: Infuse a culture of agility

Chapter 5: Empower your team

Chapter 6: The 5D Vision of great products

Chapter 7: Discover

Chapter 8: Design

Chapter 9: Develop

Chapter 10: Deploy

Chapter 11: Deliver

Use cases and real stories

Based on interviews with CEOs, founders, and product managers, and direct work experience, the book presents use cases and real stories from Capital One, Iridium, BookingBug, DayBreakHotel, and Goozex. The stories bring to life the concepts of the book and help understand how companies – big and small – have solved complex challenges and delivered great products to their customers.

Template download

You can download the templates and worksheets presented in the book. Follow the link below for a complete list of available templates and worksheets:

Download templates and worksheets

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The book is available now on Amazon in both paperback and premium editions

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