Cover of Deliver Great Products That Customers Love
Cover of Deliver Great Products That Customers Love

Deliver Great Products That Customers Love

The Guide to Product Management for Innovators, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs

The guide to building great products that customers love. For innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs, this book explains the step-by-step process of product development through five Dimensions, several interviews with startup CEOs, and use cases. Illustrated with diagrams, photos and worksheets. The book every product manager should have.

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The Spark Engine book
The Spark Engine_book

The Spark Engine

Drawing exercises that ignite team creativity

Creative exercises that foster team-building and warm up the right side of your brain - the creative side. Grab a pencil, a marker, or a pen, and get started. Share these exercises with your team, and enjoy the creative energy. We call this the “Spark”.

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