Quick guide to Kanban

Quick guide to Kanban

We wanted to provide a quick guide to Kanban including a list of resources to learn about what Kanban is and how to get started with Kanban. What is Kanban? (David Peterson)https://kanbanblog.com/explained/ What is Kanban? (Atlassian)https://www.atlassian.com/agile/kanban How to Create a Kanban Board for Any Projecthttps://kanbanzone.com/2019/create-kanban-board-for-any-project/ How To Create An Efficient Kanban Board/Processhttps://purplegriffon.com/blog/create-kanban-board-process 32 Practical Kanban Board Exampleshttps://kanbanize.com/kanban-resources/kanban-software/kanban-board-examples Kanban Tools The

The Scrum Master’s reading list

The Scrum Master’s reading list

Books Scrum is the most widely adopted Agile framework in the world. It is easy to understand and yet, difficult to master. This is a short list of great books on Agile, Scrum, and practices to become an effective Scrum Master. “Sprint Your Way to Scrum“, by B. Yelsangi, V. Zanini Having trained thousands of professionals across the world and

The Product Manager’s reading list

Deliver Great Products That Customers Love - Cover 5D Vision

We have compiled a list of books and articles on Agile, Product, Design Thinking, and Innovation. These books and articles offer perspectives, frameworks, and real stories for the successful application of product management practices to the ideation and development of new products. If you are a Product Owner, a Product Manager, or a Product Leader, these books and articles are

Engineering practices

Building quality-in and keeping technical debt in check are two of the most important goals to support long-term sustainable product development. Adopting the right engineering practices allows teams to focus on innovation and value delivery, rather than wasting time on fixing problems or avoiding quality issues. BookingBug faced a near-death situation when it had accumulated too much technical debt due

If Agile fails, blame Product management

Agile planning

Solid Product management and discovery practices are at the foundation of any product development effort. I often find that when Agile fails, it’s not because “Agile”‚Äč doesn’t work. It’s because the organization has not taken the rights steps to foster a product development mindset. Here I share a few tips on how to support Product and Agile transformations.