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About 5D Vision

We haven’t sent a rocket to the Moon, but we have helped organizations in a variety of industries spark innovation and launch new products. We are passionate about helping teams learn Product Management and Agile practices, and accelerate delivery of great products that customers love.

What we do

Training, consulting, and hands-on coaching to drive digital innovation and transform your organization. We deliver training in Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Product, and Design Thinking. We help your teams drive innovation and accelerate delivery of great products that customers love.

What we can do for you

How we do it

We are former Directors of Product, VPs of Technology, Agile Transformation Leads, and even CEOs/co-founders of startups. We have rolled our sleeves and built great products in a variety of industries. We bring hands-on real-life experience to implement the best practices and transform the teams.

Training & Workshops

Our passion

We are passionate about using Agile and Product Innovation practices to build products and accelerate delivery. We train, coach, and consult to support your Agile transformation. We help you become  more productive, adapt to change, and empower your people for growth.

Our team


Our team

We have built a team of Agile practitioners, Product leaders, and User Experience professionals. Everyone of us comes from 15+ years of industry experience where we have built products, launched teams, created businesses, and sometimes faced big struggles. From our collective experience comes our strength.

Our team

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Our Approach

We are experts in Agile, having coached organizations and individual teams in adopting Agile and accelerating productivity. We have been in the trenches, working in Product, Engineering, and Agile Delivery roles. We have built some of the coolest applications at Fortune 500 companies. We employ Design Thinking to understand the real customer needs and transform insights into actionable plans. We are product people and engineers who like to build and help others build.

By combining a strong customer focus and deep experience in creating new products and services, we help your organization solve your biggest challenges.

We employ the Scrum values:


We focus on what’s valuable for our customers, prioritizing the work, and helping them maximize the return of the investment


We strive for openness so that plans and actions are visible to everyone involved in the project, creating alignment and speeding-up the decision making process


Our team comes from a diverse background, and a multitude of experiences. From the differences come our collective strength and the ability to drive innovation and bring new ideas


We are committed to making sure our clients succeed, and to making sure our team succeeds. When we succeed, we do so as a team, not as individuals


Sometimes, we need to make a hard choice. Sometimes, we need to raise our hand and make an impediment visible. We do what is right and we do what is expected.

Our customers

We have worked with organizations of all sizes to drive innovation and spark Agile transformations, including

Capital One

Our Story

5D Vision was founded in 2017 with the premise of helping organizations large and small adopt Agile Product Development practices and accelerate productivity. We bring a diverse team of experts in Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Product Innovation, and Design Thinking practices. We have helped hundreds of customers around the world learn, implement, and improve Product Management and Agile practices with training, custom workshops, and hands-on coaching.

Our trainers and certification programs are accredited by the most respected certification bodies in the world, including Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile, Kanban University, DevOps Institute, and Spark Engine.

In 2020, we co-founded Spark Engine, a training and certification institute focused on Product Management and Innovation. The Spark Engine certifications are now among those most respected in the industry by Product Owners, Product Managers, and Product Executives. Several companies have incorporated the Spark Engine programs within their internal training curriculum for Product and Innovation roles.

We frequently contribute to the expertise and growth of the community, and have created a library of frameworks for Agile and Product Teams. In 2018, we published the book Deliver Great Products that Customers Love, a book that has helped hundreds of product managers and teams learn product management techniques. In 2021, we published Sprint Your Way to Scrum, a book with 50 practical tips to accelerate Scrum teams.

Valerio Zanini 300

Valerio Zanini, CEO and founder of 5D Vision

Formerly a Director of Product Development at Capital One, after a career in Product Management in large and small companies, Valerio dedicates his time and passion to help other organizations learn and adopt Agile and Product practices.

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