Our training classes and coaching programs are designed to support you in your effort to deliver products that customers love. To do this, we focus on our unique framework, the 5D Vision of Product Innovation:

Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, Deliver TM


We help you understand the customer needs, discover an unmet opportunity, and define a business problem. Much like an old-fashioned explorer, we use Design Thinking to explore, learn and identify new opportunities. Our focus is the customer, and we strive at connecting with its deeper needs, aspirations, and emotions.



This phase is dedicated to designing a solution. Often times there is not a single, clearly defined solution, but rather there are multiple possible solutions. The goal is to narrow down to the best possible solution and build a working prototype that allows you to validate your hypotheses.



We work with your technology team to build your new product. We adopt Agile and Lean Startup principles to minimize the risk of rework. The key activity is prioritization. We may not want to build the whole idea at once, but rather slice it and build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the shortest time and with fewer resources as possible. During this phase we continue getting feedback from customers as we build the product, and we pivot if necessary.



Once the product is built, we support you and your team to launch the product in the marketplace. Deployment is often a carefully orchestrated number of steps that need to happen in order and must be aligned across multiple teams. This is not only the job of Manufacturing or IT Operations, but also it is a cross-functional team effort. Team members from Marketing, Training, Customer Support, Sales and other departments come together to orchestrate a successful launch of the new product.



The goal of a new product is to bring to life the initial promise set up by the product’s vision, and satisfy the customer needs and expectations. The key activities in this stage are measurement, customer feedback, and validation. Just having a product in market does not represent success. Only when we are able to measure and validate the customer experience our product delivers, then we can measure success.



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